I’ll Hold Your Cane If You’ll Hold My AT-AT

An older fan couple cosplay Han Solo and Princess Leia at the 2015 Emerald City Comic Con:

Photo by Fanpup101 on Twitter. The walker with an AT-AT sign is the best!

Because also fictional characters get old, and because when we non-fictional characters getting old, it doesn’t mean we lose our sense of humor!


New Tech Guy Archetype

Ann Friedman’s article on Medium.com about sexism and hiring practices in the technology industry concentrates on some of the problems women currently face in the profession. She also suggests a new IT professional archetype and lists three steps that have enabled businesses committed to more diverse hiring to find qualified, highly skilled women – and men! – for their ranks. One specific quotation stood out to me. Kellan Elliott-McCrea, chief technology officer at Etsy, states that

“[t]he men who come into our organization who are excited about the fact that we have diversity as a goal are generally the people who are better at listening, they’re better at group learning, they’re better at collaboration, they’re better at communication, they’re particularly the people you want to be your engineering managers and your technical leads”

Because why wouldn’t being open to and curious about experiences different from your own make you more receptive to new ideas and, therefore, more creative.

On-Screen DC Superhero Costumes Through Time

Reddit user hitokirivader created a tribute to the evolution of Superman and Batman costumes we’ve seen on tv and movie screens. For good measure, hitokirivader added the evolution of Wonder Woman’s costume as well:

Superman Batman Wonder Woman Costumes

hitokirivader on Reddit.

That is epically depressing, but unfortunately I can’t say it’s atypical.

Thoughtful Star Wars Cosplay Photography

Photographer Bill Hicks takes very impressive portraits of Star Wars cosplayers.

Star Wars cosplay; photo by Bill Hicks

Bill Hicks; via Comics Alliance.

Star Wars cosplay; photo by Bill Hicks

Bill Hicks; via Comics Alliance.

Star Wars cosplay; photo by Bill Hicks.

Bill Hicks; via Comics Alliance.

Found via Fashionably Geek; photos via Comics Alliance.

Because it takes effort to research, create and portray a character, just as it takes effort to create, light and touch up an “effortless” photograph.

Latinas Are Finding Their Way into Software Dev

The website Nearshore Americas presents three profiles of women who work in software design and computer engineering in Latin America.

Teresa Muñoz set out to enter video game design despite no previous experience. Her persistence paid off: she worked her way up to her current position as Q/A Lead and Associate Producer for a video game design firm in Bogota, Columbia. She advises prospective female video game designers thus:

“You have to know the basics of programming, but don’t have to be an expert. At college they don’t teach you how to program video games, they just teach you how to code. You don’t have to be a great programmer to get in – don’t let that stop you. You just have to have the skills to become great.”

Haymara Palma, who currently works as a lead programmer and specialist with Flash and Unity 3D technology, says this:

“It’s true that the majority of this field is handled by men, but in the last few years, women are getting stronger every day. It’s a very interesting and fun field. Once in, you will never want to get out.”

Because your strengths are what matters.